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SEELER 致力于可持续发展的品牌化道路,以商场专柜和专卖店为主要渠道。以准确的市场定位,高品质追求为基础,采用国际先进的经营模式,科学的管理手段,完善的服务机制,将SEELER品牌文化加以推广。

SEELER以市场为导向,以服务为宗旨,以多赢为目的,是一种精神,一种文 化,一个梦想,一个机遇......

A Powerful Combination: Quality Garments Sold by Quality Vendors!
In line with the brand positioning, SEELER will open exclusive stores starting from provincial cities, and spreading to well developed 2nd-tier cities. These shops will be in standalone stores, as well as in major shopping malls and department stores.

SEELER is committed to sustainable in-depth development of the brand. We will continuously focus on high quality products, accurate market positioning, advanced operation model, scientific management and reliable services to enhance SEELER's branding culture.

Our corporate philosophy is to satisfy our customers with quality of products and services to achieve win-win situation with our partners. Seeler includes a spirit, a culture, a dream, and an opportunity…