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SEELER品牌除提供适应中国市场需要的优良产品外,还将提供全面的品牌管理和服务,包括零售店的开发评估,投资分析与指导;专门店的设计和施工方案;销售人员、店长的销售技术、商品知识的培训;商品售后服务;应季的时装发布会;广告及品牌形象的公共关系活动;时尚类的媒体发布、投放等;统一的 VIP系统服务与管理,专业的物流管理服务等。

As the sole operator of SEELER brand in China, Shenzhen China Silk Enterprise Ltd. has an excellent team for its brand management, operation, and culture building.

In addition to providing quality products to market request, Seeler offers comprehensive brand management and services. This includes retail store development evaluation, investment analysis and guidance, design and construction scheme for exclusive stores, sales staff and shop managers training,including professional Selling Skills and merchandise knowledge, commodity after-sale services, seasonal fashion shows, brand advertising and brand-related public relations activities, fashion media release and magazine publishing, unified VIP system management and services, logistics management and services, and etc.